Spend Your Dash Wisely

Yesterday I spent the day with some truly amazing people. My Rocky Crest Family. It wasn’t a day of fun and games but a day of remembrance as we all gathered to share our stories and say goodbye to one of our members and dear friends Mr. MacLellan after his courageous journey with cancer.

It was a beautiful service with both his son and daughter sharing with us their stories, a slide show of pictures and his beautiful wife Sherry , who raised a glass for all of us to toast Scott. The number of friends, family, business colleagues that attended was a testament to what we already knew about Scott. Scott was truly admirable and touched many lives. Scott lived his Dash!
“The Dash” A poem by Linda Ellis that was read at the funeral and although I had heard this poem before it just had me. I Can’t stop thinking about it. Maybe because I am on my own journey of personal development, the journey of me consciously evolving as a person, regularly improving my life mentally; physically and spiritually. I heard the words this time for what seemed like the first time. Heard it! You know that old saying “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. ”
If you have never heard or read the poem, it talks about how we make note of the year that the person was born and the year they died, which say nothing, when it’s more about what’s between those dates, the dash, which represent the years of that person’s life. The poem makes you think about how you spend your dash and when your eulogy is being read, will you be proud of how you spent your dash?

RIP Scott MaCLellan and thank you for touching my life.

Life is short spend your dash wisely.

Here is a link to Linda Ellis Poem , The Dash. It’s certainly is inspirational.


11 Things to Start Doing For Yourself Right Now

Right now, means right now! Put a Smile on your face, laugh, get outdoors , remember why you are blessed, love yourself and removing the toxic from your life are just a few of the things you can do. Your choice!

Our Better Health

    “People will always say all sorts of stuff. Let them. I’m enjoying my life.” -Angelina Jolie

No matter where you go, you will always hear the saying: “Life is short.” What does it mean exactly? It means that life is meant to be enjoyed and that we shouldn’t waste our days living in a negative, self negligent environment.  To create positive energy, you’ve got to do implement positive practices to keep your inner wellspring full.

Here are 11 things to start doing for yourself right now:

1. Smile

Every time you crack a smile and flash those pearly whites, endorphins are released. What are endorphins exactly? They are the ultimate feel-good chemicals. According to Psychology Today: “The act of smiling activates neural messaging that benefits your health and happiness.”

2. Laugh

In the matter of a moment, you can make a very important decision: to laugh or to…

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Summers End

Today is officially the last day of summer. I love summer, sun filled days, boating, golf & amazing sunsets, but I must admit as much as I am a sun goddess, fall’s got a lot going for it. In fact, it some ways it might just be my favorite time of year.

Here are a few reasons I love fall.
Golfing & boating can carry on into the fall & can be absolutely beautiful! With the beautiful fall foliage colors to enjoy and the absence of blackflies & mosquitoes.

It is Pumpkin Spice Everything in the fall. Mm…mms….I love pumpkin! Pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin bread & a pumpkin latte with whip cream. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Next to pumpkin my next favorite thing APPLES! safe_image

Real tasting apples freshly picked from the trees,not those mealy, tasteless summer ones either—crisp, juicy apples. I am fortunate enough to live within driving distance to the apple orchards where you are able to pick your own, or you can find them at every farmer’s stand along the way to the orchards at this time of year. My favorite apple by far is the Honey Crisp. My favorite desert, apple crisp.

Flannel Sheets & Duvets! Yes it’s time to say goodbye to the clammy pillowcases and cool cotton sheets, and snuggle in the fluffy, flannel & duvets that act as the strongest magnet in the world come morning.

One thing that happens in our household in the fall is hockey season gets underway & the recliner becomes my husband’s favorite place in the house. A true Leafs Fan. Yes, I know, but he still fantasies about them winning the Stanley Cup

One of my favorite holidays happens in the fall. Thanksgiving, not because of the turkey, stuffing, gravy and pie, although that’s not a bad part of the deal, but because it makes me stop and reflect, a time to look back & be thankful for important events. It’s not just about looking back for me, I use it as a time to look forward as well. What will I do to make a difference in the world? What acts of kindness can I share? I know it’s not something I can do by myself that will change the world, but together if we all do our part, share an act of kindness each day,we can make this a more peaceful world.


Nobody likes to see the end of summer, but putting a positive spin on it does not make it sound so bad.
Happy fall my friends, get out and enjoy the beauty of fall.

Do you have a favorite season? Why?

“When we feel love and kindness toward others, it not only makes others feel loved and cared for, but it helps us also to develop inner happiness and peace.”
—The 14th Dalai Lama
Head Monk Of The Gelugpa Lineage Of Tibetan Buddhism